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At Albanvale Primary School we are guided by the Victorian Curriculum to support the planning of student learning programs, assessment of student progress, and reporting to parents. These standards describe what is essential for all students to achieve in Foundation to Year 10. All the standards are designed to engage students, build their confidence, offer varied approaches to learning and challenge them to achieve. Find out more about how we achieve excellence in each learning area.




All students should appreciate, enjoy and use language and be confident in expressing themselves, to form and convey ideas, to inform, to discuss, to persuade, to entertain and to argue. We provide students with exposure to a wide variety of texts and how language works within them. Our graduate students are active, informed and proficient in English which leads to fulfilled lives in modern society and the global community. 



Numeracy has been identified as a key priority at Albanvale Primary School. To be numerate is to have and to be able to use appropriate mathematical knowledge, understanding skills, intuition and experience whenever they are needed in everyday life. Each child should be able to think and solve problems mathematically by using the appropriate skills, concepts and knowledge. They should be provided with rich and enjoyable experiences related both to their individual needs and to the wider requirements of society.



All staff share the responsibility of enriching students learning as part of our commitment to inspiring curious, critical, and creative thinkers and learners. Our Enrichment Framework details the curriculum, strategies, and experiences we expose our students’ to along their learning pathway. Our commitment to project-based learning pedagogies challenges students to apply their understandings to authentic, real-world learning experiences connecting their studies to the world around them.



Student's learning is enriched through our Enrichment Learning Area Programs. Students engage in weekly 1 hour sessions in Physical Education, Visual Art, Italian, and STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics). Students are engaged in project-based learning throughout our enrichment program giving them authentic and hands-on experiences designed to expand their critical thinking and challenge them to apply their learning in innovative ways.

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