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Our School

Albanvale Primary School is a vibrant learning community situated in Albanvale within the Western Suburbs of Melbourne, established in 1981.  Our students from diverse backgrounds  Achieve Excellence Together through the provision of a student-centered approach to teaching and learning.  Our goal is to engage each child in a rich and innovative curriculum focusing on Literacy, Numeracy, and STEM to prepare our students with the skills needed for success now and into the future. 

All classrooms are equipped with current technology to unlock a 21st-century learning environment. Each student in the school has access to their own laptop which enables eLearning tools to be integrated across learning domains and prepares students for the real world.  The school embraces diversity recognising that students learn in different ways and provides individualised learning pathways for success. Albanvale aims for significant measurable growth in learning for each student and is strongly committed to making sure each child achieves the best possible learning outcomes. The school leaders, alongside teachers and support staff, commit to working collaboratively with a coherent and shared focus to improve student learning and wellbeing.


Research shows that when teachers work together in collaboration it leads to improved learning for our students. Staff at Albanvale Primary School work together in Professional Learning Teams to collectively meet the individual needs of students across the 12 multi-age classes in operation. Learning programs are planned and delivered through the work undertaken by Professional Learning Teams. 


A commitment to Student Wellbeing is recognised through a School-Wide Positive Behaviour approach to Welfare and Engagement supported by the Department of Education. To strengthen our practices, we have been engaged in a partnership with Real School's consultant Adam Voigt since 2018 to embed a restorative lens into our community's cultures.


Classroom learning programs are enhanced with the support of Enrichment classes in Physical Education, Italian, The  Arts,  STEM, and an extensive school camp, excursion, and experiences program. We hold regular whole-school events to bring our community together to celebrate and share in each student's learning experience.


We empower our students as the leaders of tomorrow by engaging them Young Leaders program to enhance their personal and public leadership capabilities while providing them with a sense of purpose and civic-mindedness. Students' apply their leadership capabilities to give back to the Albanvale Community through a range of opportunities within and beyond the school. Furthermore, our elected student leaders facilitate fortnightly assemblies and represent the student voice within the school through a range of projects including the Junior School Improvement Team (JSIT) which work with teachers to focus on improving teaching and learning across the school


At Albanvale we embrace diversity and individuality, providing each child with every opportunity for success. 

We believe that together, every student can achieve excellence.



Thank you for taking the time to learn more about us. 

It is with great pride that I introduce myself as the Principal of Albanvale Primary School and wish to extend my warmest welcome to you.  

We are a highly regarded learning community, renowned for our unwavering commitment to excellence in teaching and learning for all.  Our expert staff challenge every student to achieve beyond their personal best as we prepare them to thrive as leaders in a global community. We value the importance of social and emotional wellbeing as we support students to develop as determined, independent, and reflective citizens. 

Our strong academic focus is enriched by extra-curricular programs such as Physical Education, Sports Awareness, STEM, Art, Languages and Intervention and Extension Programs.

We are proud of our wonderful school and welcome prospective parents and students to visit the school throughout the year to find out more.

If you are interested in joining our community, I invite you to contact us on: 9367 2197 or visit the online enrolments page.


I look forward to personally meeting you and working together to achieve excellence for every student, every day.

Michael Uzunovski (M.Ed-INLEAD, B.Ed, Dip.MGT)



At Albanvale Primary School we will ensure that every student is a curious, critical, and creative 21st-century thinker and learner. Our students work as partners in their learning and are collaborative and socially capable citizens in a global society.

We instill the values of a global citizen in every student including:

Excellence: Having expectations and striving to achieve beyond your personal best


Respect: Valuing and accepting others' differences and respecting the right to learn


Responsibility: Being responsible for your thoughts, words, and actions and the consequences that follow


Collaboration: Working together to achieve agreed goals


















We inspire lifelong learners by equipping them with learning powers including:

Reflective: Thinking about how I learn

Determined: Committed to continuous improvement

Independent: Taking ownership of my learning.

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  • Excellence

  • Respect

  • Responsibility

  • Collaboration

Learning Powers

  • Reflective

  • Determined

  • Independent

Our Expert Staff

Our highly collaborative, expert team is committed to continuous improvement to ensure every child achieves beyond their personal best.

School Improvement Team

Uzunovski, Michael.jpg

Michael Uzunovski


Liong, Luisa.jpg



Assistant Principal

Burke, Michelle.jpg

Michelle Burke

Leading Teacher

Taylor, Daniel.jpg





Ibrahim, Levent.jpg



Learning Specialist

Administration Team

Prep Learning Community

Kozak, Anita.jpg

Anita Kozak

Buisness Manager

Lay, Jacqueline.jpg




Atanasovski, Danielle.jpg

Danielle  Atanasovski

Prep A Teacher

Team Leader

Paterson, Aaryn.jpg

Aaryn Paterson

Prep B Teacher

Junior Learning Community

Huynh, Karen.jpg

Karen Huynh

1/2A Teacher

Team Leader

Watts, Heidie.jpg


1/2B Teacher

Dinh, My-Lee.jpg

My-Lee Dinh

1/2C Teacher

Buckley, Eden.jpg

Eden Buckley

1/2D Teacher

Middle Learning Community

Smith, Louise.jpg

Louise Smith

3/4A Teacher

Team Leader

Castelo, Dana.jpg

Dana Castelo

3/4B Teacher

Sepulveda, Stefani.jpg

Stefani Sepulveda


Senior Learning Community

Katiforis, Anthony.jpg

Anthony Katiforis

5/6A Teacher

Team Leader

Farhadi, Zaid.jpg

Zaid Farhadi

5/6B Teacher

Wickens, Sarah.jpg

Sarah Wickens

5/6C Teacher

Enrichment Team

Miter, Kimberley.jpg

Kimberly Miter

STEM Specialist

Valentine, Aaron.jpg

Aaron Valentine

Physical Education Specialist

Ricci, Anna.jpg

Anna Ricci

Italian Specialist

Kwong, Andrea.jpg

Andrea Kwong

Visual Arts Specialist

Learning Support Team

James, Suzanne.jpg

Sue James

Literacy Intervention Specialist

Haylie Ho

Educational Psychologist

Gabrielle Welch

Speech Pathologist

Education Support Officers

Gaylard, Dylan.jpg

Dylan Gaylard

Phu Ting, Mesi.jpg

Mesi Phu Ting

Mercieca, Gabrielle.jpg

Gabrielle Mercieca

Fehmi, Errol.jpg

Errol Fehmi

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