Student Voice CONNECT

As part the Young Leaders program, students in years 5 and 6 in the Communication team collaborate to develop 'APS Student Voice' a news report to keep our community involved in what is happening in our school. Click the play button above to view the latest edition.

Student Voice News

Letter from the School Captains

Dear Community,

Welcome to the newly made Student Voice page. The student leaders would like to thank you for visiting this page. Our school would like to introduce something new to this website allowing elected leaders to celebrate everything that makes Albanvale Primary School special to the community and students.

We all hope that this will notify the community of what’s going on in our school as well as encourage students to share their thoughts.


Yours sincerely,

Tracy and Yusuf  (School captains 2020)

We have the student voice page to give the students of Albanvale a chance to share their ideas, learning, and suggestions to improve the school. On the student voice page, we intend on sharing school celebrations, events and reminders. All students are encouraged to share their thoughts on the student voice page by talking to our elected leaders. All our leaders are wearing badges of white, red, yellow, green and blue and their names are:

House captains:

Jacob, Amon, Nina, Gloria, Ha-Vy, Said, Issac, Esther


Jacob, Julie, Tracy, Gloria & Danny

School captains:

Jennifer, Dev, Montana Matilda

What is the Student Voice Page?

Junior School Council

The word JSC stands for ' Junior School Council'. The JSCs are the voice of students in APS, these students are representatives that pass down ideas to make our school a better place to be in. The JSCs try their best to make the school fun for everybody as well, and to be educated and comfortable around others. 

 We would also be VERY happy if you used the Buddy Bench properly. If you are in need of a friend, we had made this bench for children to have a buddy to play with. The JSCs try their very hardest to make the buddy bench seen in the school as the bench for children to find a friend, instead of seeing it as a place to sit.