At Albanvale Primary School we will ensure that every student is a curious, critical and creative 21st-century thinker and learner. Our student work as partners in their learning and are collaborative and socially capable citizens in a global society.


Albanvale Primary School is a vibrant learning community situated in Albanvale within the Western Suburbs of Melbourne.  Established in 1981 the school has a current enrolment of 275 students from Prep to Year 6.  Our students from diverse backgrounds are Achieving Excellence Together through the provision of a student centred approach to teaching and learning.  Our goal is to engage each child in a rich and innovative curriculum focusing on Literacy, Numeracy and Multiliteracies to prepare our students with the skills needed success in the future. 

All classrooms are equipped with current Audio/Visual Technology to support a 21st-century learning environment. Student's have access to a range of digital technologies including 1:1 Laptop's for all classes in Years 1 - 6 and shared iPads for Foundation students which enables eLearning tools to be integrated across learning domains.  The school embraces diversity recognising that students learn in different ways and provides diverse learning pathways for success. Albanvale aims for significant measurable growth in learning for each student and is strongly committed to making sure each child achieves the best possible learning outcomes. The school leaders, alongside teachers and support staff, commit to working together collaboratively with a coherent and shared focus to improve student learning.


Staff at Albanvale Primary School work together in Professional Learning Teams to collectively meet the individual needs of students across the 12 multi-age classes in operation. Learning programs are planned and delivered through the work undertaken by Professional Learning Teams.  Research shows that when teachers work together in collaboration it leads to improved learning for our students.


A commitment to Student Wellbeing is recognised through a School-Wide Positive Behaviour approach to Welfare and Discipline supported by Department of Education and Training. To strengthen our practices, we have been engaged in a partnership with Real School's consultant Adam Voigt since 2018 to embed restorative lens into our communities cultures. Classroom programs are enhanced with the support of Enrichment classes in Physical Education, LOTE - Italian, The  Art and STEM. Student Leadership facilitates weekly assemblies and represents the student voice within the school.


At Albanvale we embrace diversity and individuality, providing each child with every opportunity for success.  We look forward to you joining our community

Our Values

Excellence: Having Expectations and Striving to Achieve beyond your Personal Best

Respect: Valuing and accepting others' differences and respecting the right to learn

Responsibility: Being responsible for your thoughts, words and actions and the consequences that follow

Collaboration: Working together to achieve agreed goals